'100 Famous Turks' was published in 1971 by Hürriyet Publishing as an anthology or as an encyclopaedic design, the pictures belonging to Cemal Dündar. ?100 Famous Turks? is the main source of editorial Turkish history or Turkish mythology. In those times, this book was in everybody?s bookshelves, or they were collected fascicule-by-fascicule from Hürriyet Newspaper and then transformed into a book. Now, it is an object of memory or remembrance in the libraries.

The personalities in this book, in line with the notebook, are Turkish personalities who emerged as a great heroic characters or who had remarkable achievements in science or in their own branches throughout Turkish history. Some of these personalities are Alparslan, Atilla, Atatürk, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Dede Efendi, Mevlana, Hazerfen Ahmet Çelebi, who are known either globally or in Turkish community.

I took these two sources in front of me, one was the found notebook that was manually constituted, and the other was the ?100 Famous Turks which includes different personalities with Turkish identity, and thought about them in parallel with each other. thought that if the starting point of the notebook is to create its own history, how can I continue the game of 100 Famous Turks taking it over from the historical timeline of the notebook and adapt it to recent times.

I re-organized this bibliography using the book 100 Famous Turks choosing some and leaving out some other Turkish personalities within the same mentality. I include in my bibliography those persons who are famous in my opinion and who are Turkish, but in contrast with the personalities in 100 Famous Turks which includes heroic characters, my bibliography includes personalities who have been in confrontation with their own language, community and state, or who have been waging, in this geography, a war on artistic/intellectual terms, or who have been 'misunderstood for a long time', or 'left alone', or 'sacrificed', the personalities that we can only today understand their value, and in this way they have a heroic character, too.

For example; Sezen Aksu, Keloglan, Can Yucel, Hüseyin Alptekin, Deniz Gezmis, Esber Yagmurdereli, Kemal Sunal, Yilmaz Guney, Ahmet Kaya, Hrant Dink, Aziz Nesin, Nazım Hikmet, Yasar Kemal, Ugur Mumcu, Orhan Gencebay, Cemil Meriç and so on.

100 Famous Turks,2009

100 framed pencil on paper, wallpaper, two display tables containing found objects (photograph,newspaper,postcards, sketches,stamps etc.) 42 x 30 cm (each drawıng).85 x 350 x 100 cm(each display table)

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